Privacy.TV is a free privacy compliance solution for Connected TV and Advanced Media that offers consumer opt-out for publisher, adtech platforms, data providers and device manufacturers.

Privacy.TV solves for many challenges the industry faces. Unlike other siloed offerings that leverage only individual identifiers like cookies and IFAs (Connected TV device advertising IDs) updated at widely varying frequency, Privacy.TV reconciles against Tru Optik’s patented 80 million OTT Household Graph™ and is updated every 24-hours.

Privacy.TV is also device and platform agnostic. This means that a consumer can opt-out his or her entire household vs. only a specific device (i.e., a certain TV).

Privacy.TV provides consumer privacy capabilities as well as features and requirements needed to help organizations become compliant with the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) effective January 1, 2020.

Privacy.TV will enable the following privacy compliance capabilities:

  • Consumer disclosure statement
  • Consumer opt-out (app, device, and household)
  • Consumer opt-in and profile correction
  • Partner API
  • Secure five-year audit records of opt-out and audience data usage.